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Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 320 pages |
   ISBN 9781480884519 $37.95
Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 320 pages |
   ISBN 9781480884526 $20.95 
E-Book | 320 pages |
   ISBN 9781480884533 $3.99

The book My Journey to Understand Black Hawk's Mission of Peace results from twenty years of research to write about the Mormons' Black Hawk War of Utah 1849-1873 from the indigenous perspective.

Phillip B Gottfredson takes the reader deep into Native American culture to fully grasp the significance of Black Hawk's peace mission. He spent decades living among First Nations people from Washington and the Makaw to Guatemala and the Mayan, seeking to understand South America's historical connection to Utah's indigenous history and culture. "I lived with them; I found the truth. Utah's history is not complete without the indigenous people, a perspective that historians have ignored." 

The Utah Black Hawk War "It was the frontier at its very worst," as historian Will Bagley described it. Some seventy-thousand Timpanogos men, women, and children died from violence, starvation, and disease, all in the name of colonization, which resulted in an astonishing 90% decrease in their population.

Recipient of the prestigious Indigenous Day Award, Phillip B Gottfredson, in collaboration with the Timpanogos Nation, breaks through tired stereotypes and false histories that have been perpetuated in U.S. culture.

Join the author as he shares his extraordinary spiritual journey into Native American culture and highlights a war that has been overlooked and misunderstood for far too long. 

Five Star Reviews!

My journey to Understand... Black Hawk's Mission of Peace

"This is the book of our time. Who would devote 20 years of their life to do what you have done?" Carol Pettit Harding, Utah

"This book is an honest look at how native peoples have been and still are treated by an encroaching group who believe they have a higher right to do whatever they want to do, regardless of the consequences in human pain and suffering. Mr. Gottfredson has done an amazing job of telling this story with passion and honesty. As you follow him through his journey of discovery, you will be captivated by his experiences. The truth will set us free. Bravo, Sir ! barely ablemann, Washington DC"

"This book completely changed my life" - Johnathan Canlas, Utah

"This book was truly inspired! It was powerful, filled with emotions, truths and love. Thank you Phillip Gottfredson - Cynthia Johnson, Utah"


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My journey to Understand Black Hawk's Mission of Peter Gottfredsons book, Indian Depredations in Utah, is a first-hand account of the Utah Black Hawk War written in 1919. Peace is a companion book to "Indian Depredations in Utah" by Peter Gottfredson Phillip's great-grandfather. Peter's book is one of the oldest first-hand accounts of the Utah Black Hawk War published in 1919. For more information, please visit our Indian Depredations In Utah homepage.

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