Here are the Latest research updates of the Black Hawk War in Utah. Since 2003 we have made every effort to accurately portray the Black Hawk War from the vantage point of the Native peoples of Utah– a reference point that we believe has been deliberately ignored.

"The Truth must be told, regardless of what happened." ~ Loya Arrum



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Interview With Author Phillip B Gottfredson and The Oak Leaf by Ellinor IsadeRoss Eklöf of Sweden have teamed up to bring you a podcast featuring Author Phillip B Gottfredson . Mr Gottfredson will be discussing the Utah Black Hawk War for about an hour. It was pre-recorded so you can listen in when it is convienant for you. You are invited!



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From Phillip B Gottfredson

Just returned home in Arizona for the winter. It was a good summer up in Utah spending time with friends and the Timpanogos Tribe. And I talked to many people who have read My Journey to Understand... Black Hawks Mission of peace. The book is selling well in Utah. Most notable were the few staunch Mormons I spoke with who loved the book. It was surprising to me how well they liked it. One gentleman told me he read it twice, and though he felt I was hard on the Mormon church, he expressed his sincere appreciation that the truth has been revealed. Honestly... I was rather apprehensive how those who have been born and raised in the church would react, but this man I spoke with for a couple hours said the time is log over due that we understand what really happened.

The Timpanogos are equally happy with the book, one tribal elder said she reads it every night before she goes to bed. She couldn't thank me enough for writing it. "Finally our history is being told" she said.

Of coarse the Timpanogos collaborated with me on the book making sure it was accurate. And I am truly grateful for their help. It was a good trip, and I am looking forward to next spring when I again will journey to the Uinta Valley Reservation for the summer.



From Phillip B Gottfredson

We are deeply saddened from all the tragedy that is gripping our country and around the world. In my 75 years I can't recall anything that has been so bad as it is now. And I don't think there is anyone who isn't being affected in some way. People, animals, plants, nothing and no one is left out, we truly are in this togeather.

Yet, I have hope. I believe in the human spirit. We will find the way to come togeather and rebuild our lives again, and better. This is a time of great change throughout the world. And as long as we remain humble and prayerful and do what needs to be done, things will get better. It will take time, but it will happen.

Please stay safe, be kind to each other and above all find your warrior spirit. We need each other.





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Phillip B Gottfredson’s book “My Journey to Understand Black Hawk’s Mission of Peace” a history of Timpanogos Indians and the Utah Black Hawk War.