Here are the Latest research updates of the Black Hawk War in Utah. Since 2003 we have made every effort to accurately portray the Black Hawk War from the vantage point of the Native peoples of Utah – a reference point that we believe has been deliberately ignored.

"The Truth must be told, regardless of what happened." ~ Loya Arrum




Just a few days ago a new member of our Facebook page David McLaughlin uploaded a never before seen document about Chief Arapeen dated 1856. "This is a copy of the original transfer of land comprising what is now Sanpete County, Utah from Arropine (Siegnerouch) to Brigham Young on December 23rd, 1856. I have viewed the original document several times at the Sanpete County Courthouse and am wondering if you have seen this original transfer document as well? So in essence Chief Arapeen signed over the San Pete land, the livestock, the guns, and tools listed to Brigham Young valued at the time at $155,765.00?" wrote David McLaughlin.

"This is a copy of the original transfer of land comprising what is now Sanpete County, Utah from Arropine (Siegnerouch) to Brigham Young on December 23rd, 1856.

The document sparked lively discussion when Chief Excutive Mary Meyer of the Timpanogos Tribe and a direct descendant of Chief Arapeen pointed out that the handwriten document and the three signatures of the witnesses to the document were written by the same person. With that the discussion concluded with the sound of crickets.

We are grateful to David Mclaughlin for sharing this and have posted the document on our Black Hawk War Treaty page for all to see. Or you can logon to our facbook page and also read the whole coversation.



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At this time our focus is on the fossil fuel industry, corporations and people who choose excessive wealth over protecting our environment from their destructive greed. Phillip B Gottfredson's Group stands in support of equality, our right to protect our most fundamental resources, our right to abundant natural food, clean water, clean air, and healing Mother Earth upon which all life depends. This is a public group.

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The Black Hawk War; Utah's Forgotten History: THE BLACK HAWK WAR trouble began when Mormon settlers pushed their way into the Great Basin (Utah) in 1847. Chief Wakara of the Timpanogos Nation who are indigenous to Utah, warned LDS Church leader Brigham Young and his followers they were not welcome to settle on their ancestral land. Brigham's all Mormon militia in hand with U.S. Troops would commit some of the most repulsive massacres in American history at Battle Creek in 1849, Fort Utah in 1850, Mt. Meadows in 1857, Bear River in 1863, Squaw Valley in 1865, and the Circleville Massacre in 1866. .

Our objective is to educate people about the tragic war between Mormon colonists and the Timpanogos Tribe that has been ignored and to a large extent covered-up. This is a public group.




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Mystery Solved!

Kiowa Apache man named Black Hawk.

For many decades people in Utah have believed that this is a photo of a pencil sketch of Antonga Black Hawk. The fact is, it is not! There are no known photos of Antonga Black Hawk. It's always been a mystery where this photo came from and who this Black Hawk is.

This is a photo of a Kiowa Apache man called Black Hawk. This portrait is an Albumen print taken in 1875 by William S. Soule who was the post photographer at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. It has been provided by the Smithsonian collection. By clicking on the photo it is linked to the source. Utah's Timpanogos Chief Antonga Black Hawk was buried in Spring Lake, Utah in 1870. This photo has no place what-so-ever in Utah's history. We wish to thank David McLaughlin for this information.

This is typical of the confusion that surrounds Utah's Native American history. We are always striving to help correct this history in a good and honest fashion.



January and March have been busy for us. Phillip's new book My Journey to Understand... Black Hawk's Mission of Peace has been our focus. You may have noticed we have removed all our Goggle ads, and request for donations we have limited to just our contact page. We have continued our efforts to freshen up our website content and improve the functionality. Considerable time has been spent improving site navigation.

Though it's still early to say how the book is doing in sales, all indications are exciting. The reviews have all been 5 stars! We do not sell the book on our website, but we have made it easy to purchase it from the publisher Archway Publishing, Amazon, and Barns & Nobel. They are but three out of any number of online sellers nationally who are offering the book for sale and anyone can order it through their favorite bookstore.

Phillip has undergone cataract surgery and and is doing very well. We wish him a speedy recovery!




Historian sheds new light on the Black Hawk War of 1849 to 1873 in new book
Phillip B Gottfredson shares a Timpanogos perspective in ‘My Journey to Understand ... Black Hawk’s Mission of Peace’
PARKER, Ariz. – Phillip B. Gottfredson shares an intimate perspective of the Timpanogos peoples of Utah and the Black Hawk War of 1849 to 1873 in his debut Native American history book titled “My Journey to Understand ... Black Hawk’s Mission of Peace” (published by Archway Publishing).

Some 70,000 Timpanogos Indians — the aboriginal people of Utah — died from violence, starvation, and disease after Mormon colonists stole their land and destroyed their culture over a 21-year timeframe according to the detailed account Gottfredson learned from the Native Americans. Because few people know anything about Timpanogos Indians, who they are, or what they believed in, the author seeks to educate readers about them.

“Native American history is an integral part of this country’s history,” Gottfredson says. “After all is said and done, after the Black Hawk War and all the suffering it caused, I make this one conclusion: It isn’t about the war. It isn’t about religion. It isn’t about owning land and having material wealth. It’s not about power. In the end, it’s about the human condition. There is no such thing as race. Race is man’s invention to create divisions and separations, the building of walls and fences to segregate us from one another, to have power over each other. There is but one race, the human race. It’s about humanity, human equality, aboriginal rights and a sovereign people. It’s about there being one world, one prayer, and one heart. Having compassion toward all our relations.”

About the Author
As a historian Phillip B Gottfredson has spent the past 20 yearsAuthor Phillip B Gottfredson My Journey To Understand Black Hawk's Mission of Peace. researching and writing about the Black Hawk War in Utah while living with various Indian tribes throughout North and South America. He was invited to participate in numerous sacred ceremonies and received council from many tribal elders and leaders, which is unusual among today’s historians. Because Gottfredson is personally involved in Native American culture, his account brings an alternate perspective to a war that has historically been examined from the perspective of Mormon colonizers. For his advocacy for the First Nations people of Utah, the Utah State Division of Indian Affairs awarded him the prestigious Indigenous Day Award.

Five Star Review!

In psychological terms, they say you cannot get mentally healthy until you admit the problem, and are willing to look at all your behavior honestly. This book is an honest look at how native peoples have been and still are treated by an encroaching group who believe they have a higher right to do whatever they want to do, regardless of the consequences in human pain and suffering. We have a hard time imagining that our human history is a checkered one. Mr. Gottfredson has done an amazing job of telling this story with passion and honesty. As you follow him through his journey of discovery, you will be captivated by his experiences. And if you are willing to be honest in your feelings and a real student of human history, you will be rewarded with a greater and more profound understanding of the path we would all do well to emulate on our way to psychological wholeness. (and also a real spiritual awakening) As many have said, this book should be a part of every American high school student's study of American history, for if we could be willing to acknowledge our whole history and see the truth, the truth will set us free. Bravo, Sir !
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The book My Journey to Understand... Black Hawk's Mission of Peace by Phillip B Gottfredson has just been released! Published by Archway from Simon and Shuster, is now available for purchase in bookstores and online. Available in all formats, hardcover, softcover, and digital, we have made it easy for you to get your copy today by simply clicking on this link BOOK.

Phillip B Gottfredson’s book “My Journey to Understand Black Hawk’s Mission of Peace” a history of Timpanogos Indians and the Utah Black Hawk War.