Here are the Latest research updates of The Black Hawk War; Utah & The Mormons. Since 2003 we have made every effort to accurately portray the Black Hawk War from the vantage point of the Native peoples of Utah– a reference point that we believe has been deliberately ignored.

"The Truth must be told, regardless of what happened." ~ Loya Arrum




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from Phillip B Gottfredson:

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We've come along ways my friends. There can be no doubt the presence of the Timpanogos Nation is on the internet. All our hard word work and persistence is finally being realized not only in Utah, but nationally and internationally.

It is interesting that Brazil has taken a consistent interest. Website statistics show us they have been consistent in visiting our websites. China, Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, France, and Sweden are among a growing crowd of visitors as well.

For those who don't know about Ft. Duchesne it is the home of the Timpanogos Nation which is located in the north-eastern corner of the State of Utah. Established in 1886 by the United States government as a fort, it was closed 1912. Population of Ft. Duchesne is roughly 800 and is located on the Uinta Valley Reservation that was established by President Abraham Lincoln in the year 1861.

The Timpanogos just four years ago was barely known, but that is changing know. Hopefully they can achieve long over-due federal recognition they so justly deserve.

May the Timpanogos forever walk in beauty. - Phillip B Gottfredson




In the previous article we discused the name Antonga and if perhaps it is of Spanish origin. If it is Spanish in origin then the letter 'G' would be silent. Antonga would be pronounced 'A-n-t-o-n-u-a' which could explain the difference in spellings 'Antongar" "Antongua" and a couple others.



Phillip B Gottfredson | Author "Black Hawk's Mission Of Peace"

The name "Antonga" has for decades been a topic of many discussions with the Timpanogos Tribe. Was his real name "Antonga" and where did it come from? In the coming months we will be exploring this issue in an effort to find the truth.

"There are several different spellings" said Mr. Gottfredson. "Antonga being the most widely accepted. "Antongua" and "Antongar" are another versions I have seen in several historical accounts. I believe the name is Spanish in origin. The reasoning being that in those days Mexico bordered Utah to the south and the Timpanogos had trade relations with their Spanish-speaking neighbors. I believe it was a nick-name and may have been "Antonia" translated means "worthy of praise." One thing is certain, the Timpanogos don't recognise the name Antonga."

Updates to this article will be posted as our research progresses.



Hi, this Phillip Gottfredson;

Some of the articles on our website I wrote a decade or more ago during the time I was learning about the Black Hawk War. I have been reviewing those articles and corrected my mistakes. For example, two articles one being 'John O'Sullivan's Manifest Destiny' and the other 'The Doctrine of Discovery.' I realize now that at the time I wrote these around 2009 I was confused, and for that reason assumed both were somehow interrelated. I apologize for the oversight. The Doctrine of Discovery was written by Christian monarchs in 1452. Whereas Manifest Destiny was written in 1839. However, it is important to know that both did play a role in the genocide of Native Americans.

And incidently, our page on The Doctrine of Discovery has gone viral three days in a row and still going.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Stay safe and keep up the good fight.




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A Huge Problem For The State of Utah

by Author: Phillip B Gottfredson

For Utah's historians, scholars, and the State Of Utah to accept that the fact that the Timpanogos Tribe and the Ute Tribe are two distinctly different Tribes creates a huge problem.

For over a century, historians in Utah have mistakenly identified the Snake-Shoshone Timpanogostzis Nation as being Colorado Utes. Whereas the Utes and Timpanogos are two distinctly different Nations in origin, ancestral bloodlines, language, and customs. However, writers sometimes refer to them as "Timpanogos Ute" which is an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms. First Nations identity is critical in our understanding of the Black Hawk War in Utah, yet it remains the most overlooked topic causing inaccuracies in our histories leading to baseless conclusions, confusion, and false assumptions. The time has come to clear up some of these inaccuracies and explain the origins of these two individual Nations and how they both ended up on the same Uintah Valley Reservation. (See The Timpanogos Ute Oxymoron)

Throughout the state of Utah are countless historical markers, and burial headstones that refer to the Utes and the Black Hawk War. Not to mention countless publications books and records.

In spite of more than adequate documentation that proves the Timpanogos and Utes are separate Tribes, for reasons herein stated the powers-to-be are ignoring the truth. Meanwhile, a thousand member Tribe namely the Timpanogos, continue to struggle to be recognized by the federal government. For over 20 years they have fought for Federal Recognition status and have filed with the Department of the Interior over 13000 pages of documentation proving they are the original inhabitants of Utah, yet the Department of the Interior has not acted. They have not refused to give the Timpanogos their recognition, they simply make excuses for delaying their decision.

The facts are undisputable, the Timpanogos are who they say they are. But the Timpanogos didn't create the problem. The way I see it is, the blame falls squarely in the lap of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) and their one-sided history that has gone unchallenged for over a century. As I have said many times publicly, "celebrated scholars and award-winning authors who have written about the war never asked or cared what the Native Americans they studied had to say about their work. Nor did they ask them to analyze or interpret their books, or to share their own version of the particular story being told." If they had, its likely there wouldn't be this dilemma they are now faced with. There truth is often paradoxical.

As inconvenient the truth may be for the State of Utah, scholars and historians, and the agony they may encounter is inconsequential when compared to what the Timpanogos Tribe has suffered for over the past 150 years. University of Utah Prof. Daniel McCool explained, "We took from them almost all their land—the reservations are just a tiny remnant of traditional tribal homelands," We tried to take from them their hunting rights, their fishing rights, the timber on their land. We tried to take from them their water rights. We tried to take from them their culture, their religion, their identity, and perhaps most importantly, we tried to take from them their freedom."

As for the Timpanogos, they don't want pity, they only want justice.



Our Message Is Spreading Internationally

Statistics from our server reveals our message is growing in popularity internationally. Countries such as Brazil, Great Britain, Germany, France, Canada, Russia, Netherlands, China, and across the United States is growing in traffic to our website daily. Averaging over 10,000 visits a month, hundreds of visitors are spending between 30 minutes to over an hour in increasing numbers also.

This is exciting news for us as we have devoted endless hours over the years to achieve this kind of recognition. Thank you everyone for making a great success!



Interview With Author: Phillip B Gottfredson and The Oak Leaf by Ellinor IsadeRoss Eklöf of Sweden have teamed up to bring you a podcast featuring Author: Phillip B Gottfredson . Mr Gottfredson will be discussing the Utah Black Hawk War for about an hour. It was pre-recorded so you can listen in when it is convienant for you. You are invited!



Some changes to the content of our website have been made. Our goal is to provide our visitors with accurate and up-to-date material about the Utah Black Hawk War as has been our tradition for nearly two decades now. As we continue our tradition, we will be rewriting and updating our content as we go forward, which is good, and some cases overdue.

The Utah Black Hawk War website has the distinction of being the go-to website for in-depth information on the Utah Indian wars. And it's FREE! It is nice when we receive a donation once-in-awhile though, after all, we do spend long hours each day maintaining our website for your interests and convenience. It a good feeling when someone shows their appreciation with a donation or purchasing one of our books. THANK YOU! :-)



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From Phillip B Gottfredson

Just returned home in Arizona for the winter. It was a good summer up in Utah spending time with friends and the Timpanogos Tribe. And I talked to many people who have read My Journey to Understand... Black Hawks Mission of peace. The book is selling well in Utah. Most notable were the few staunch Mormons I spoke with who loved the book. It was surprising to me how well they liked it. One gentleman told me he read it twice, and though he felt I was hard on the Mormon church, he expressed his sincere appreciation that the truth has been revealed. Honestly... I was rather apprehensive how those who have been born and raised in the church would react, but this man I spoke with for a couple hours said the time is log over due that we understand what really happened.

The Timpanogos are equally happy with the book, one tribal elder said she reads it every night before she goes to bed. She couldn't thank me enough for writing it. "Finally our history is being told" she said.

Of coarse the Timpanogos collaborated with me on the book making sure it was accurate. And I am truly grateful for their help. It was a good trip, and I am looking forward to next spring when I again will journey to the Uinta Valley Reservation for the summer.



From Phillip B Gottfredson

We are deeply saddened from all the tragedy that is gripping our country and around the world. In my 75 years I can't recall anything that has been so bad as it is now. And I don't think there is anyone who isn't being affected in some way. People, animals, plants, nothing and no one is left out, we truly are in this togeather.

Yet, I have hope. I believe in the human spirit. We will find the way to come togeather and rebuild our lives again, and better. This is a time of great change throughout the world. And as long as we remain humble and prayerful and do what needs to be done, things will get better. It will take time, but it will happen.

Please stay safe, be kind to each other and above all find your warrior spirit. We need each other.





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Phillip B Gottfredson’s book “My Journey to Understand Black Hawk’s Mission of Peace” a history of Timpanogos Indians and the Utah Black Hawk War.