August 3, 2007

Book Review

D. Robert Carter's Founding Fort Utah

Never have I written a book review, but I just finished reading D. Robert Carter's Founding Fort Utah, written in 2002. I am pleased to have read a plethora of accounts on this subject of Fort Utah before I came upon Mr. Carter's. Carter is an excellent writer, clean, clear, to the point. But I am most impressed by his accuracy of the event, but is the victor's point of view, and most importantly the respectful way he has portrayed our Native people. Rather than assuming the Timpanogos's point of view, with honesty he clearly indicates he doesn't know. It has been very refreshing to read a historians account without all the platitudes, omissions, and half truths. Nor does he write of these troubling times as an amusing old west story. He has been very respectful and balanced in his depictions. For these reason's I highly recommend Mr. Carter's book to anyone who wants to know what happened at Fort Utah in 1850. This is, in my opinion, how history should be written and taught in our schools. But, had Mr. Carter taken the time to ask the Timpanogos what their side of the story is, his account would have been all the more complete.