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Utah Black Hawk War- Indian Depredations in Utah Author Peter Gottfredson

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Peter Gottfredson's Black Hawk War medal copyright Phillip B Gottfreddson 2001Utah Black Hawk War- Author Peter Gottfredson Indian Depredations In Utah

Peter Gottfredson 1836 - 1934



Author Phillip B GottfredsonHi, this is Author Phillip B Gottfredson and It gives me great pleasure to announce that my great-grandfathers book Indian Depredations in Utah is back in print as of Aug. 1, 2020.

2019 marks the 100th anniversary of Peter Gottfredson's classic first-hand account of the brutal Black Hawk War with the Timpanogos Tribe from 1847 to 1873. Culturally important, Peter's book was First published in 1919 by Skelton Publishing CO. Salt Lake City, Utah when only 100 copies were printed.

I am grateful that great-grandfather's book has been held in such high regard by scholars, historians, and history buffs though, Peter would be pleased as it was his wish that his book would have its place in Utah's history.

History of the book Indian Depredations in Utah

Peter passed over in 1934 when his long-time friend Taylar Thurber wrote in his eulogy to Peter"And so I speak of Peter Gottfredson with what he has done. He has spent 20 years of his life, the best years of his life, in compiling an authentic history of the Indian Depredations in the State of Utah. It is a book that will go down through the ages because of the close contacts he has made. Just think of man without an education to undertake and write a book! It must have been a tremendous impulse behind this man. He had no wealth, he was one of the last of the pioneers. It was a gigantic task, and there must have been a will to do a thing of that sort. And there is no more pleasant record—it is one that his sons and daughters would be pleased to read and dwell upon."

Peter spent much of his time living among the Timpanogos during the Utah Indian Wars in the 1860's. He enjoyed playing with their children and helping them gather food. The "Sheep Captain" they called him as he was often seen herding sheep which he did for a living. My father Merrill lived with his grandfather Peter for many years and told me, "I can still see Peter get on his horse and ride off to get just one more story for his book. Grandpa was invited into the camp of Timpanogos Chief Antonga Black Hawk on numerous occasions," Merrill said. Later in life Peter was a bishop in Glendale, Utah for twenty years. Still he found himself in the company of Native people, the Koosharem who had a great respect for Peter.

Peter Gottfredson with the Koosharem Tribe in Glenwood, Utah

Peter Gottfredson with Koosharem Tribe circa 1930

Folks you might like to read Peter's autobiography, it's a facinating account of journey from Denmark at the age of 13 to his days in Mt. Pleasant, Utah.

Peter's book was always on the shelf of our library as I was growing up. Father encouraged me to read it, but I found it to be too depressing when at a young age. When father passed in 1989 when he willed the book to me. That's when I finally sat down and read cover to cover. I will admit I wept for I had no idea the suffering that Native peoples in Utah experienced. Doing so was like letting a genie out of a bottle. I wanted to understand what it was like for Peter to live among the Native people (The Timpanogos Tribe), and that led to a twenty year journey of my own into the world of the Native Americans and ironically the Timpanogos.

It followed that I wrote a companion book to Peter's book from a different frame of referance titled My Journey To Understand Black Hawk's Mission of Peace. Mary Meyer Chief Executive of the Timpanogos Tribe and the Tribe's Council collaborated with me on the book. And already it's on the best-sellers list. (more below)

To the honor of Peter Gottfredson, researchers, journalists, and scholars cite his work in countless publications and articles underscoring the importance of this time-honored classic account.

In 2002 Historian wrote an article in the Salt Lake Tribune about Peter's book "A product of its time, Indian Depredations is bitterly racist: the Utes and Paiutes are “skulking savages,” “murderous marauders,” “Mr. Redskin”  and “the sleepless foe.” But the book reports any number of white depredations that would otherwise be unknown, and like  the Iliad, the losers are often more courageous and noble than the victors" he wrote.

Indeed "Indian Depredations in Utah" is "racist" as Bagley points out. But no more than those who wrote the stories Peter published in his book. We forget the book is a compilation of firsthand accounts Peter obtained from those who acually took part in the war. I have always thought a more accurate title for the book would be HISTORY OF MORMON DEPREDATIONS IN UTAH. When you read it you will see what I mean.

And if any of your ancestors were in the wars most likely their names are in his book. Not only is his account bursting with information, what I found to be most interesting are his detailed descriptions of battle sites. My brother and I had a lot of fun locating the actual locations where the battles took place.

Out of respect for Peter and the Gottfredson family, I feel it is duty to honor our ancestor's legacy and preserve the dignity of his work that Peter Gottfredson so much deserves with this official first edition of Indian Depredations In Utah, which is an exact facsimile of the book Peter gave to my father Merrill Gottfredson in 1919. It is the first of two printings of Peter's book by Skelton Publishing. It's a paperback edition for now, however we are working on a beautiful cloth bound anniversary edition like Peter's original first edition we hope will be out by years end.

Meanwhile, I hope you will lend your support to the preservation of Peter's time-honored work by purchasing our official republication of Peter Gottfredson's first edition of Indian Depredations in Utah. And while you're at it, please consider buying a copy of my companion book too, people love it... 5 star reviews!

Very gratefully yours, Author Phillip B Gottfredson


Peter Gottfredson's original version of Indian Depredations in Utah:

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Phillip B Gottfredson's companion book to Indian Depredations in Utah

Finally a book that tells the Timpanogos Tribe's side of the story!! No, the Timpanogos are not Ute, but they are the tribe Brigham Young spent a million dollars in church funds to "get rid of." (See: Timpanogos Ute Oxymoron)

Black Hawk's Mission Of Peace"Inspired by his great-grandfathers book, and like Peter, Phillip has spent the past 20 years researching and writing about the Black Hawk War in Utah while living with the Timpanogos and various Indian tribes throughout North and South America. He was invited to participate in numerous sacred ceremonies and received council from many tribal elders and leaders, which is unusual among today’s historians. Because Gottfredson is personally involved in Native American culture, his account "My Journey To Understand... BLACK HAWK'S MISSION OF PEACE" brings an alternate perspective to a war that has historically been examined from the one-sided perspective of Mormon scholars and authors."

"For his advocacy for true history of the First Nations people of Utah, the Utah State Division of Indian Affairs awarded him the prestigious Indigenous Day Award."

In collaboration with the Timpangos Nation, Phillip B Gottfredson's book "My Journey To Understand... BLACK HAWK'S MISSION OF PEACE" published by Archway Publishing from Simon & Schuster, and has made the best-sellers list!

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